R2D2 Costume

Get your own crazy Star Wars R2-D2 Robotic Costume

Star Wars broke off all the records with its super amazing and highly celebrated plot-line and character roles. George Lucas created this mega-hit. Star Wars made its way into a Guinness World Record and overall value was estimated at US$70 billion.  Also it is currently the fifth-highest-grossing media franchise of all time further, due to its massive popularity and fan-following this series film then transferred into various films and other media, including television series, video games, novels, comic books, theme park attractions, and themed areas ectara, still it was not enough for Star Wars fans which is why we brings one of most crazy yet unique R2D2 Costume Collection from star wars film series.

R2-D2 the most unique fictitious character which made its way in 1977 in Star Wars. This robotic species is also called by its sweet nickname that is Artoo while its Homeworld is Naboo. Along with a service of Astromech droid. This talking robot who was a secret weapon to the Republic is seen exhibiting outstanding work in Star War with his robotic head. We bring a once in a lifetime opportunity for you to avail by introducing R2-D2 costume for your Halloween to R2D2 Costume parties so you could have some real fun.

R2-D2 Detailed Costume Guide

This shiny and smooth helmet is made of premium quality with eye-pleasing realistic colors. Also its durability would definitely make you feel cozy and slackened for a prolonged period. Moreover, the strap under Artoo’s helmet is made so you could fasten this helmet with flexible strap and easily walk or even run without distressing if helmet would fall.

Star Wars R2D2 Helmet

Star Wars R2D2 Helmet (Product Page)

This exquisite female dress from Star Wars R2D2 is manufactured out of top-notch quality which ultimately ensures its durability. This charismatic dress could be worn on many occasions, as giving a realistic look straight out of a film. Several expressive features of this majorly white and blue colored costume are scoop round neck, robotic design style along with sleeveless dress would provide an excellent experience to its wearer.

Star Wars R2D2 Women Dress

Star Wars R2D2 Women Dress (Product Page)

Fabricated straight out of a blend of nylon and polyester material which is enough to give a relaxed and soft experience to the wearer. These exquisitely designed knee-high socks are exclusively made for adults in a realistic pattern of a blend of white, black, and blue color.

Star Wars R2D2 Socks

Star Wars R2D2 Socks (Product Page)

Manufactured out of 100% polyester material that is enough to give a soft and relaxed experience to the wearer. Carefully crafted in cute R2D2 design for children that would enjoy wearing it in a unique style.

Star Wars R2D2 Girls Dress

Star Wars R2D2 Girls Dress (Product Page)

Have a glance at this exquisite yet heart-warming R2D2 Costume made exclusively for little ones that are Star War fans. Manufactured out of polyester material. This cute and super soft dress with wonderful headpiece would keep your baby cozy and happy in this magical costume. 

Star Wars R2D2 Toddler Costume

Star Wars R2D2 Toddler Costume (Product Page)


This costume guide gives a deep yet detailed insight into miraculous costume of R2-D2 that comprises of R2D2 Helmet, female R2D2 woman dress, exquisitely designed socks, cute baby dress and little girls dress straight out of legendary Star Wars which would give you an irresistible realistic look.


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