Top Gun: Maverick Inspired Jackets Collection

If you’re not aware of what’s trending this season, then don’t worry at all. The new season of fall/winter is almost here, and everyone’s thinking about which trendy apparel to buy from Top Gun Shop. But when you’re with us, you don’t have to stress yourself about the trends, and just follow our recommendations instead. Just like that, this year, you can enhance your winter/fall apparel by updating your wardrobes with the relishing gun jackets with patches from the upcoming movie Top Gun: Maverick that will never fade away. Thus, we’ve gathered the top 8 gun jackets that you can add to your wish lists and make several fashion statements asap. So, hold your breath, and enjoy the ride to this season’s sensational trends! 

Tom Cruise G-1 Flight Leather Jacket


Tom Cruise is a walking example of the latest yet timeless fashion trends, and having his movie-inspired jacket in your closet already feels like a must-have investment. This Top Gun jacket is manufactured from the natural leather material that people dig. And with the classic features, sherpa collar, and eye-catching patches on the jacket, it’s impossible to ignore this appealing apparel even for a second. Besides, the way Tom Cruise looked in this jacket was the intense fashion moment that we needed all the way! 


Tom Cruise Top Gun 2 Maverick Jacket


The real fashion ‘OGs’ still remember the iconic Tom Cruise’s legendary fashion apparel from the first Top Gun movie. Now that he’s about to be featured again in the movie’s sequel, it would be a fashion sin to ignore his apparel at all. So, without waiting, it’s time for you to grab this thrilling Top Gun Maverick Jacket from the upcoming Top Gun Maverick movie. The green-colored cotton jacket with attractive patches and classic features, how can you not think about making style statements in this one? 

Top Gun Women’s Brown Leather Jacket


If you thought that this blog was just for men’s jackets, then you were wrong. What’s a movie without featuring women leather jackets alongside the men’s? Thus, to add more spice into your boring lives, this Top Gun women’s inspired jacket will be a perfect choice to wear in this season. With the exceptional leather interior, fur collar, alluring front & back patches/logos, and other classic features, one real fashion enthusiast can only think about surprising everyone with her most pleasing fashion taste! 

Kelly McGillis Top Gun Jacket


Talking about women’s fashion, Top Gun wasn’t just limited to enhancing Cruise’s wardrobe with classic leather jackets. Still, his love-interest, Kelly McGillis’s closet, had the same appealing jackets in it. For instance, the Top Gun Pilot Charlie Jacket is still unbeatable in the fashion trends, just like the movie. And having this in your closet makes your fashion taste merely superior to others instantly. Stitched with authentic leather, pilot badges, and relishing features, it can thrill any trending style even today! So, grab one ASAP! 

Women’s Top Gun MA-1 Olive Bomber Jacket


Who doesn’t love the iconic bomber jackets with history attached to them? Luckily, if you do, this is the time to make some changes to your season’s shopping wish lists! Thus, we bring you the alluring Women’s Top Gun MA-1 Olive Bomber Jacket straight from the classic movie, Top Gun. Not only the film had a robust intriguing plot with zero loopholes, but the way every character delivered its performance while flaunting the jackets was beyond anyone’s imagination. Thus, to recreate the same magic, all you’ve to do is buy this exceptional satin fabric bomber jacket with patches and make some aesthetic fashion moments right away! 

Top Gun B-15 Women’s Flight Jacket With Patches


The one thing that you can’t deny about the Top Gun movie is that all the characters rocked their screen time by exhibiting major fashion vibes in them appealing flight jackets. Just like that, the Top Gun B-15 Women’s Flight Jacket With Patches is one of the iconic apparel from the film that you need to consider buying for the upcoming season. As this year is all about remembering the past, then wearing this Top Gun jacket in this year’s winter season will simply make your style worth-living. So, forget everything else and act upon this recommendation ASAP! 

Top Gun Women’s Vegan Jacket


The seventh on our list is none other than the Top Gun Women’s Vegan Jacket. Inspired by one of Hollywood’s classic hits, Top Gun, this jacket can do wonders to your regular dressing style in just one minute. Being designed with classic features, original leather fabric, and insatiable patches on all over the jacket, how can you forget to add this trend to your must-have list? Thus, don’t follow others and make your own fashion vibes by wearing one of the elite leather jackets to exist! 

Top Gun Ma-1 Bomber Jacket With Patches


We’ve saved the best for the last! This Top Gun Ma-1 Bomber Jacket With Patches is inspired straight from the upcoming sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, starring Tom Cruise as the lead. Not only is everyone gossiping about the plotline, but the movie’s exciting jacket collection is becoming the town’s talk rapidly for all the right reasons. Thus, hop in the line and order this bomber patch jacket before someone else does and make big style statements that will make you grab all the limelight you need! 


That was all for now; if these above-mentioned Top Gun inspired jackets to seem interesting to you, then order them right away. And, if you would like to read more, then read the FAQ related to the movie! 

Can’t get enough? Read the FAQs related to Top Gun: Maverick movie!

  • When is Top Gun: Maverick releasing? 

Although the movie was set to be released July 12, 2019, then July 17, 2020, and now the date has extended to July 2, 2021. 

  • Who’s in the movie besides Tom Cruise? 

Alongside Tom Cruise, we’ll be seeing Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Jennifer Conelly, Glen Powell, etc. 

  • What motorbike Tom Cruise uses in the movie? 

Tom Cruise was seen riding the Kawasaki Ninja 900 / GPz900R.

  • Will there be any changes in the title? 

Despite Cruise’s consideration of keeping the name Top Gun: Maverick, there have been some rumors about changing it to Top Gun 2. 

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