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Fast and the Furious Jackets and Coats Collection

There have been a lot of movies made throughout many years but less on racers. Bikers, car racers, and others have emotions too. In the movie fast and furious all this is portrayed in different ways and new lights. They have shown cases of robberies in different places and how racers have them dealt with them. The movie fast and furious has the record of being the longest-running series of the industry of film making. The movie is about cars and races, about wars between territory holders, it’s about betrayal and friendship.


This movie is about race and not just about how people race with their cars but with their emotions and everything. In the first movie and throughout 4 or 5 installments the main protagonists were Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Due to an unfortunate event, Paul was snatched away from the world and must be in eternal peace now. Vin has expressed his deep emotions in one of the interviews. They weren’t just movie stars or colleagues, over the period of time due to their continuous presence in each other’s lives they had become each other’s family, and then in a blink of an eye, they lost Paul. Despite his death, the films kept coming in. Later in the movie, you’ll see the famous ex-wrestler Dwyane Johnson who is also known as the Rock. You will see different races and cars throughout the movie. They will have beef with the police and will sort it out somehow and so on. A 2020 version of fast and furious is expected too.


Here we have mostly built this category so you can have amazing dresses of both female and male characters in the movie throughout all the seasons. We have different jackets worn by Paul, Rock, Vin, and other characters we have female jackets too. We have T-shirts, and other stuff is shown in the movie. This Fast and Furious Jacket is heaven for Fast and furious fans.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Who is Paul Walker playing in the series?

Paul Walker played the role of Brian O’Connor, he was a brilliant actor.

What role is Vin playing in the movie?

He plays the role of Dominic Toronto.

Who is Mia in the F&F series.?

Mia is the girlfriend of Brian and sister of Dom and Jacob Torreto.

Do you have female leather jackets in this Fast and Furious category?

Yes, we have a Fast and Furious Jacket worn by Mia and Letty.

Do you have a Dwyane Johnson jacket?

Yes, we have the Fast and Furious Jackets worn by the Rock.