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One of the craziest female characters created by DC comics is Harley Quinn. Despite of being psychiatrist joker manipulated her into becoming what the world knows her as the crazy girlfriend of Joker. Joker just wanted company and a way to get out the mental hospital but he didn’t know he had created a whole new level of monster when manipulated Dr Harley. She was sweet but badass even before she became Joker’s but later on, she became fearless, jumping into acid pools and working with a gun pinned to her temple. Harley Quinn later on left joker and tried to start a new life for a good cause. All this was a huge inspiration for us and we decide to allot harley her own separate category. You will find all the dresses worn by Harley in this category. The dresses designed by the creator as well as few other dresses before she become Crazy Quinn. This Harley Quinn Jacket has a huge range of clothes as it will include every piece of cloth worn by her character doesn’t matter who played it on the big screen.

You can choose the dress based on:

*Its colour, seeing if it matches your skin tone and other clothing styles.
*the amount of clothes you already have to pair the new piece of cloth you bought.
*the type of material, as some people have allergies or develops allergies against a certain type of material. So it’s better to choose a comfortable material for yourself.

*its style, as you already know Harley Quinn is known for her cool and badass style, so select something you feel comfortable not something just because it was worn by harley.

Frequently Asked Questions Harley Quinn:

Does this include all other clothes worn by Margot Robbie?
This Harley Quinn Jacket is based on the character Harley Quinn, not the actress who played her. This is why you will only find clothes worn by Harley Quinn the character.

Does this category has clothes only for female?
Seeing as Dr. Quinn was a female yes this category was specially designed for women.

Can we gift clothes from this category to someone?
If they are into DC comic then it would be a perfect gift.

Is the material durable?
Everything on this website is durable.

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