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Grab The Itaewon Class Outfits & Spark Up Your Regular Fashion Sense!

Believe it or not, the Kpop industry is taking over the world for so many reasons! It doesn’t matter if we talk about creating an anime series, regular movies/tv-series, music, or clothing apparel; they just know how to do it all perfectly! Besides, Korean fashion is far ahead of Hollywood fashion already. So, if you’re looking forward to changing your regular fashion dressing to an exotic one, then opt for the Kpop fashion-inspired clothes this time! 

The industry is smoothly dropping multiple tv-series, and their inspired clothing apparel is just fire. Currently, Itaewon Class Jackets and Coats collection is becoming the highlight of this year, so better check it out! 

A perfect revenge story doesn’t exist-

Itaewon Class is a recently released tv-series that has the element of love, drama, revenge, food, and fashion! If we provide the shortest synopsis, it looks like a story of Park Sae Ro Yi, who opens a restaurant in Itaewon. But that would be an injustice to the show; thus, we might spill a bit! The vengeance element sparks in the story when a fight takes place between Park Sae Ro Yi and Jang Geun Won on the first day of high school. Little did everyone know, Jang Geun Won’s father holds a high profile reputation as CEO, and everything gets shattered when Jang kills Sae Ro’s father and sends him to prison. Now, Sae Ro Yi is back from prison, opens up a restaurant, and starts planning to take revenge. Sounds intriguing, right? 

Skipping the talented cast? Not going to happen! 

Our main protagonist Park Seo-Joon will never let injustice happen when he’s portraying Park Sae Ro Yi. Just like his personality, Sae Ro Yi likes someone who’s as daring as him, and his love interest is none other than the fierce Kim Da-Mi as Jo Yi Seo. Other than these, we have the enemy Ahn Bo-Hyun as Jang Geun Won-his father Yoo Jae-Myung as Jang Dae Hee, and Sae’s first love, Nara as Oh Soo Ah. 

Now that you know the plot and cast, here’s the sizzling fashion talk! 

Kop industry’s tv-series are always full of jaw-dropping fashion outfits that you can grab instantly. That being said, Itaewon Class Clothes represents Korean fashion in a most exquisite way, and you don’t want to miss out on any of it. So, get ready to pick your favorite and order it right now.

Apart from the evil side of his character, Ahn Bo-Hyun has impressed people with his remarkable fashion sense quite much, and we couldn’t agree more. As leather jackets never disappoint just like that, Ahn Bo-Hyun never disappoints with his outfits, either. Lately, Itaewon Class Ahn Bo-Hyun Leather Coat is trending on fashion charts for its excessive panache, classic vibe, and Wong’s personality. If we talk about women’s dressing style, Kim Da-Mi is giving us major fashion statements throughout the show. Being a fashion enthusiast, you can’t ignore her inspired outfits at all. Nowadays, people are excessively shopping for Itaewon Class Kim Da-Mi Leather Jacket, and it can easily be your guide to steal all the limelight as well. So, better shop it this time! 

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