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Inspired Collection Long Leather Trench Coats for Women’s

The origin of Womens Trench Coat is from as early as world war l. It was specially designed to protect against wind and rain. The trench coat consist of detachable waterproof layers to keep the rain at bay from whatever you are wearing underneath it.
Trench Coats for Womens are considerably not warm themselves but because they are larger in size, the concept is to wear warmer clothes under it.
Now, when it comes to women, although we like to think weather factors, it really does not. Women most probably select whatever they wanna wear, whenever they wanna wear unless it’s not cute or goes with the style they wear.
So we have brought you a carefully designed range of trench coats specially for women. This will allow the female customer population to easily check what styles they want and what will go with there dresses, skirts or jeans.
Some of the advantages of trench coats are, they vary in size. They come in as long as ankle to as short as just above the knees. You can wear them as an after thought or carefully match your dress to your trench coats. Trench coat like leather jackets are an evergreen wardrobe choice. It is also a smart choice as it is easily removable, easily folded and has water proof lining so if the weather is unpredictable you can have your trench coat as a safety option.
With Womens Trench Leather Coats you don’t need to be careful about the pairing of clothes but colour scheming is still a necessary thing to go over.
It is also necessary to choose a material that will not cause you discomfort or allergy. Keeping your clothes clean and following instructions on the tag present on every clothe should be taken in consideration while cleaning the trench coat.
The collection we have designed for you has varying sizes and varying lengths as we already know trench coats come in different lengths. It must also be noted that the main material of the jacket can vary from hard cotton, poplin to leather. the underside usually has some water proof lining and quilted paddings.


What is a trench coat?

It is a long, usually water proof coat to protect against wind and rain.

What colours are most commonly worn ?

Most commonly worn colours in trench coats are black, brown, beige and mustard.

Is red an acceptable colour for trench coat?

If it goes with the pairing and suits your skin, it can be wild but it is also an acceptable colour.

What materials are used in the making?

Quilts and water proof linings along with cotton, leather and poplin can be used in making of trench coats

Can you gift trench coats?

If you think it is a thoughtful thing to gift someone a trench coat then why not

How many days does an order take to reach destination?

The service depends upon the location but you can message our customer care services.

Can you wear trench coats over jeans too? 

Yes, knee length or longer trench coats can be worn on fitted jeans.