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As it is known that the COVID-19 has been declared a global pandemic by the WHO while they have also stressed that pandemic is not a word to be spoken lightly. This shows the severity of the situation as the disease is spreading at the rate of knots throughout the globe resulting in complete lockdowns of a lot of cities and countries in the world.People are strictly advised to self isolate themselves in their homes to reduce the risk of catching the virus and their movement is terribly restricted. Amidst all of these safety precautions, a lot of countries have shut down their malls and stores to avoid public gatherings and with that people are only left with the option of shopping online. There is a myth prevalent among the people that the goods they will purchase online will put them at the risk of catching Corona and this has resulted in a increase in the sales of e-commerce firms. Some customers are scared of buying online thinking that Covid-19 can be transmitted through online ordered packages.Therefore, we felt that it is the need of the hour to make the masses aware and bust their myths and fears which will consequently provide them ease of shopping while they are quarantined in their homes.Following are our takes to the most frequently asked questions these days

  1. Can corona virus be transmitted through online ordered packages? According to the most authentic source these days, the WHO, it is highly unlikely that the virus will survive on the surfaces of the packages ordered online. However, if you want to satisfy yourself, you can use disinfectants to clean the parcels before using them.
  2. Is your brand shipping items from China? It has been asked that if we have any deliveries been made through China. We would like to clear the misconception about parcel history. We do not deal from China, we DO NOT have a warehouse in China, all the product dealings are done from our warehouses and production houses in the USA, UK, Germany, Malaysia and Pakistan.
  3. Can we expect a delay in the shipments? Yes, there is a great chance that the shipments may be delayed because a lot of countries have restricted the flights and a number of cities have shut down their flight operations for the time being. However, we will try to deliver your products on time and any inconvenience is highly regretted.
  4. Is your firm following the necessary preventive measures? The staff at our place fully realises the severity of the situation and is strictly following the precautionary measures directed by the WHO. The designers and creators are making the complete use of hand sanitizers and are performing their respective tasks with their masks and gloves on in an environment which is clean. The goods produced at our warehouses are being put through different screenings to ensure the removal of any sort of germ and possible dirt. The packaging we use to cover our products in is also thoroughly checked and disinfectants are used to clean the bags before they are sent forward for deliveries.
  5. What are your safety protocols? We had a protocol for our employees way before the COVID-19, that was while packing and readying the orders from our customers all of our employees must be wearing gloves. Now, we have also added precautions of wearing N95 masks so whatever chances of spreading the virus are left, is being eradicated from root. The time it takes to clean the warehouses alongside the area where the orders are packed is now increased. We are adding more and more precautions, the cleaning is made mandatory four times a day. The employee education, we have conducted is necessary and thus we are following the CDC guidelines to educate our employees on the whole COVID-19 scenario. We have also taken the preventive measure of offering the employee flexible hours so they can have proper rest thus reducing the chances of falling sick. Our team is based on different departments. Some of them have work that can be performed whilst staying at home, under the current circumstances we have ordered everyone who can from home without disrupting the beck and flow of business should stay at home and work from there, only the people who are absolutely needed physically are requested to come to work, but if they want relief we are offering that as well.

From our end, we are making sure that the virus doesn’t contract and our respected buyers are given the products safely. From your end, it is requested that stay safe, wash your hands, keep them sanitised and to clear all of your doubts, you may use sprays and disinfectants to clean the surfaces of your parcels received.

We hope that after reading what we have to say about our work and place of work you are satisfied and we also hope that all the queries you might have, are answered. If you still feel the need to ask about anything you’re free to contact us.

However, we encourage you to shop online and suffice your needs without feeling the need to go out as we are fully available to help you out in this tough situation and to not make you feel of your isolation similar to that of a curfew.