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What is Halloween

Let’s start with some fun facts about our most beloved holiday. Well, it’s the second most loved holiday because Christmas comes first. Secondly, this holiday was used to be called All Saint’s Day, All Hallows Day, or All Hallowmas. It’s celebrated to remember the dead and the martyrs, a whole day just dedicated to embracing the dead and in some parts, this holiday is pretty commercialized.

Now enough with the facts and now let’s relish that what actually makes Halloween so much fun. The craziness which you can see on the street with everyone dressed so unique in their own way and all the jack o lanterns gleaming in their orange light with kids running door to door and screaming ‘ Trick or Treat’. To further really feel the haunting experience some people even visit the haunted attractions to make the most of their Halloween and enjoy to the fullest. All the energy of this day really sets the mood to show your crazy side and be a part of all that fun.

 Chucky and Annabelle

Child’s play was released in 1988 and took everyone in its storm of the extremely creepy and frightening storyline and here we have introduced the most iconic character of Chucky which by the way still haunts our dreams and is still in trend because another movie released in 2019. Now, what goes together with this haunting character? Yes, you are right it’s Anabelle because it’s just as crazy and horrific as Chucky. So if you really want to own a scary crazy look with your partner so the iconic duo of Chucky and Anabelle is just perfect. To it’s DIY may be a little tricky but nothing good comes without any effort. Trust me you will own the room through your terrifying look and surely it will be fun to watch the look on your friends when you will prank them through your grotesque costumes. 

Harley and Joker

Yes we know it’s too mainstream and literally, every couple is roaming around in Halloween with their green hair and Harley makeup but guess what, it’s not about being on top of the world but it’s really just about the fun you will have with your partner while dressing up as Couples Halloween Costume Harley and Joker, think of all the crazy memories you will make. So get yourself a makeup palette with loads of color because you are sure as hell will need them to doll up into the most famous couple of all time. You’re in luck due to this duo’s immense popularity you can get a vast range of props and costumes at a reasonable price because it’s just loved so much. There are going to be so many DIYs videos and tutorials on how to become this amazing duo so it will just get easier and more fun for you to become Harley and Joker.

Yellowstone John Dutton & Beth Dutton

Yellowstone John Dutton & Beth Dutton Jackets is the forerunner of Halloween as it perfectly captures the gist of the Halloween through it’s a dark and freaky costume and also adds nostalgia because it was such a famous TV Series which manages to win every one hearts and a most popular western series. It just never gets old!. Kevin Costner aka John Dutton is known mostly because of his extreme love for his Dutton Family and also Beth Dutton. What’s great about this couple is that it just has a spooky appearance but their personality is pretty lively which is just the mood of Halloween. So grab your Yellowstone John Dutton & Beth Dutton Jackets girl and surprise her this Halloween through the perfect Beth Dutton Blue Coat with a red dark lipstick and start getting ready for Halloween through owning this enigmatic couple by grabbing all the necessary props you’ll need. It will always need your touch of creativity to really enrich your style.

Evil puppet master and puppet

This type of couple costume will really make some head turns because it’s not really mainstream and quite a unique take on a gothic couple costume. Who isn’t spooked through puppets and the strings attached which makes the puppet scarier than it even needs to be, it really gives the chills. Now decide with your partner that who is the puppet master and whose puppet, that’s the question we can’t really help in but the costumes are definitely our problem. The puppet master needs to be really creepy and to achieve that creepy touch your makeup game should be really strong and should wear a Suit or anything formal and to be a puppet your makeup should be even more perfect to get a perfect puppet face and that’s what mostly matters. Grab some strings and start working on your cosplay right now! 

Top Gun Kelly McGillis & Tom Cruise

Who doesn’t loves Friends, it’s literally the most loved sitcom which is widely followed and is still in trend because its a top-notch love movie which just never gets old. What made this show even more exciting was the iconic couple of Top Gun Kelly McGillis & Tom Cruise and their constant chaos in their love affair which really kept our interest intact with the show. Now you can inspire from a ‘ we were on a break’ written on your shirt or any dress they wore as a couple at an event would do the magic. To add an even more realistic touch you can create exact style jackets like Tom Cruise & Kelly McGillis to really up to your  Couples Halloween Costume Deals. It won’t really be hard to find the costumes because it mostly something you can easily find at a store. So not only it’s a classy and innovative idea but will also be really light on your pocket. It’s just perfect! 

Eleven and Dustin

Stranger things gained a massive viewership at Netflix due to it’s an alluring storyline with the element of the supernatural. The story itself wouldn’t be enough if it weren’t for the amazing casting which just completed the show. Our most beloved Eleven played by Millie became a super hit at such small age and her character in which she was bald and was wearing a pink frock really won the Halloween contest because everyone impersonated that version of her character and it did rounds on the internet but to be innovative this year you can be inspired by her badass black attire which you can see in the latest season. For that, you will only need a black leather jacket and smoky black eye makeup with a bob cut which has a wet hair effect. Your partner can become Dustin who is adored by millions. For Dustin just show your pearls!. This duo is really cute and perfect for any couple who binge-watched Stranger things together and became crazy fans of this show.

Betty and Jughead

Riverdale has grasped the attention of every teenager because of the juicy teen drama we get to enjoy which is filled thrill and suspense throughout the show keeping their viewers on the edge at the end of every episode. However, the cute couple of Betty and Jughead is shipped by everyone because they just look so great together. So why not add some of their couple magic into your relationship this Halloween. For Betty, you need to become a blondie and tie up a high pony to really nail her basic look and for the costume, it’s mostly just casual what she wears in the show so that won’t be much of a problem. For Jughead you just need to become chill to really feel the character and grab up a beanie and pair any jacket with apparel which is mostly his attire which again won’t be any trouble, also if you are blonde so get ready to become a brunette!. Become the most trendy couple this Halloween and embrace your crazy obsession with Riverdale simultaneously.

 Cinderella and Prince Charming

If you are a cheesy romantic couple and love fantasize about becoming a part of a fairytale with your significant other so this year adds all the magic and sparkle through becoming Cinderella and Prince Charming and honestly, you will really feel all the glam around you. Feel beautiful by treating yourself through a flowy and sparkly blue gown with a black chocker which won’t be hard to find. For your Prince Charming, you can shop online or get the costume anywhere because it’s very easy to find. You don’t even have to find exact costumes because you can always add a modern touch to it or make it look the way you want through getting some help from the DIY tutorials.  What’s stopping you from living your fantasy as a couple this Halloween, just start shopping right now and live the dream.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

If you and your partner is a die-hard peanut butter and jelly sandwich so you should really dress up as that because it’s going to be hell fun when you visit your friends with that costume. It’s a really innovative idea and to look like a yummy sandwich one of you will have to be a peanut butter slice and the other a jam slice and when you’ll hug well you’ll just make a perfect PB and J sandwich. It may be tricky to find a perfect costume but through your resources and all the artwork, it will be really easy to become one. Show your love of food together as two sweet foodies this Halloween and make some yummy memories. 

Milk and Cereal

Every morning if you and your partner enjoy your cereal together and really want to cherish this sweet treat by giving it more important because eating cereal together really means a lot to you so don’t hesitate to become milk and cereal because this duo is just unbeatable. It’s not only a really cute and unique idea but can also be a pocket-friendly costume because all you need is some cardboard, colors, and artistic skills and you are all set to rock your Halloween. If you really want to go all-in this cosplay then for milk you should color yourself all white and in cereal if you are rooting for fruit loops then get ready to become a rainbow because a vast range of colors are going to be used on you and acute and colorful makeup will just set the mood. 

Starbucks barista and Frappe

Did you guys met in Starbucks or was your first date there or you guys just really love going to Starbucks together, whatever the reason is but if it’s really something you love well you should become that. Not only it’s a really trendy look but also pretty unique and rare. One of you need to get a Starbucks apron and the other needs to be sweetened up through becoming whatever frappe which is your go-to frappe and for that, you need to get your creative mind running and use the most of the resources you have to transform into this sweet delight or you can just order online or shop for it but the real fun will always be in DIY. 


Is your oreo love as true as your love for each other and do you love watching TV and cuddling together while stuffing Oreos then maybe you should embrace your love together? It’s not even hard to find oreo costumes online but if you really want to put in the effort through making it on your own so that’s not difficult too because it just needs two colors black and white with some cardboard and arts and crafts skills which will be enough to look like yours truly oreo!

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