Britney Spears Costume

Comprehensive Britney Spears Costume Guide

Born in December 1981, Britney Spears is one of the very popular American songwriter, dancer, singer and actress. She is widely known for the revival of pop music for what she is referred to as Princess of Pop. Her first two albums have been the two best selling albums of all times and she is also one of the highest paid singers. Having several awards and accolades associated with her name, she is a brilliant human being for all the efforts she has made to make good music for the people. 

People from all over the world look upto her not only for her music but also for her brilliant taste in style that reflects her genius brain and interest in looking her best all the time. All her outwears have served as great style statements for the ladies and one of her very famous outwears is this classy Britney Spears Costume that we have opened up for yourself with all the details that you would need to dress up like her.


One of the most desired and classy attire of the singer is this Britney Spears Cropped Leather Jacket which is carefully constructed out of durable and genuine leather fabric that is lined inside with shearling that attracts loads of comfort, warmth and ease foe you. With wide lapel style belted collars, the jacket has a color combination of black and brown on the exterior and has an interior of white color. Cropped style, this jacket has a zipped up frontage, long length sleeves with shearling cuffs and a very decent finishing touch.

Britney Spears Jacket

Britney Spears Jacket

Britney Spears Brown Wig

To replicate the look of Britney Spears it’s important that each part of your look is exactly similar which also includes her hair. If you have hair like her, well and good but if you don’t have, we have a solution for you which is this Britney Spears Brown Wig that is super easy to carry, is amazingly created out of fibres and won’t feel fake at all.


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Britney Spears Brown Jeans 

These Britney Spears Brown Jeans are created solely for complementing the cropped jacket for it is a great contrast to the attire. These jeans are created out of a blend of spandex, cotton and polyester and is gorgeously slim fitted. Brown in color, with a zip flyer and a buttoned closure, these jeans are super easy to wear.

Britney Spears Brown Jeans 

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Britney Spears Black Heeled Boots

To perfect your version of Britney Spears, the last thing that you need are these supremely comfortable Britney Spears Black Heeled Boots that are created out of micro suede leather fabric and have a synthetic sole where together these two ooze out amazing amount of warmth, comfort and ease. Black in color and with broad heels, these boots are laced up and offer a very easy going walk.


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In conclusion, this particular Britney Spears Costume of Britney is a much demanded one for it’s full of sass and alot of class and elegance.

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