About HLJ

To initiate a cause, knowing all the bases and covering them is really difficult. We tried to bring forward something innovative to the market. It is not uncommon to hear about online websites with stores on it selling products to the entirety of the world. We also wanted to present the audience a similar chance. What we actually wanted was to be unique about whatever we do. Whether it be a garment online store or other utilities. We decided on garments. But there were others already in market selling garments and to differentiate from them, we decided to bring forward the concept of dresses worn by certain characters and guess the idea was a bit.



Our Sole Objective:

Business is business and we wouldn’t say we don’t need money out of it. But, our main and only objective is to bring our customers satisfaction of wearing each and every dress they want to wear. If it can be tailored and even though it requires a lot of hassle we don’t mind doing either of that and bringing you space age variety of clothes.


Where we are situated:

The optimum manufacture of dresses is our first priority amid other standards to shelter. We bring you all standards of clothing and garments to your doorstep around the world. Mainly we are situated in Malaysia. We have warehouse in almost every continent and we are willing to expand too. But the willingness will depend up on our customer’s reviews and satisfaction.



How you can contact us:

Our website allows all the customers to make account easily without charge. Through this account you can contact the customer services directly and get answers to your query.

Infinite leather:

Our main material is leather in which we sell most of our products. Leather has the best durability and it can face any kind of weather. Leather is evergreen and you can pair it up with anything you want. We bring you an infinite range of leather for males and females which includes different varieties and easy on eyes colours.

Top notch stitching

We have our very own craftsman and woman and they are supervised with precision. We don’t promote faulty behaviour or clothing and thus manages to provide you with stitching that is top notch and perfect.

Custom preparation

Usually the jackets we sell are genuine adaptations of movies and TV shows. But, sometime people like to add flavor through variations and that is where our custom preparation feature comes handy. As above mentioned we have our own craftsman so we are able to take custom preparation orders in order to give you whatever style you design for yourself.