Elder Maxson Costume

Now Dress In Your Favorite Look With Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Costume

We present the most amazing video game battle coat from Fallout 4. Are you ready for gamers? It is a fantastic opportunity to get dressed in one of your favorite iconic looks of Elder Maxson from Fallout 4.

Fallout 4 is an action role-playing game, coming from an action-filled and adventurous genre that was officially launched on November 10, 2015. Moreover, this super-hit video game that was published by Bethesda Softworks and directed by Todd Howard. Further, it was produced by Ashley Cheng and Jeff Gardiner gained $750 million within the first 24 hours of its release. 

Let us get going with an amazing ready-made Elder Maxson costume guide just for you! In which you could easily style yourself up in a Halloween party, Comic-con and Cosplay dress.

A Step By Step Elder Maxson Costume Guide Of Fallout 4

Elder Maxson Coat

Manufactured out of high-quality material. This amazing distressed brown color Elder Maxson battle coat consists of genuine leather material. Along with other exciting features such as the internal quilted lining, fur collar, and two outside and two inside pockets.

Step 2: Elder Maxson Gun

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Gun

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Gun (Product Page)

This wood Elder Maxson’s gun is another product. You can use this wood gun to give yourself an authentic look at Elder Maxson.

Step 3: Elder Maxson Gun Green Spray

Elder Maxson Gun Green Spray

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Gun Green Spray (Product Page)

This green spray by the Elder Maxson’s gun spray. So, you can spray this green color on your wooden gun.

Step 4: Elder Maxson Jacket

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Jacket

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Jacket (Product Page)

This high-quality leather jacket available in charcoal black color consists of the front zipper closure and vintage stand collar with a belt. This amazing jacket would give you an ultimate look of the Elder Maxson straight out of a Fallout 4.

Step- 5: Elder Maxson Jacket Belt

Elder Maxson Jacket Belt

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Jacket Belt (Product Page)

This Elder Maxson belt consists of a durable and manufactured out of a premium quality material. This black colored belt is made from a comfortable material that would let you wear it for a prolonged period.

Step 6: Elder Maxson Boots

Elder Maxson Boots

Fallout 4 Elder Maxson Boots (Product Page)

These deep brown colored boots from the Elder Maxson consist of a long laced-closure. Manufactured out of excellent and heavy material.


Now, you have come a long way and get acquainted with all the iconic and amazing belongings of Elder Maxson from Fallout 4. Elder Maxson’s battle coat, wood gun, green gun spray, black leather jacket, jacket belt, Maxson boots, military green colored belt, and a gun holder. Altogether would give you an excellent look at Elder Maxson.

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