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Star Wars Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker Finn Costume

Stars Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is an epic American film which was released in 2019 and is based in the settings of space. The movie is the final chapter in the nine episode Star Wars saga and is the third installment in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. The movie shows the final and the last stand of the Resistance against Kylo Ren and the First Order leaving the fans overwhelmed and wanting for more. To make the end worth everything, the cast of the movie has been superbly good at their respective roles and have done complete justice to them. 

To make the end memorable for you and bid you a nice farewell, the creators and the makers of the final part have made sure to present to you some of the most stylish outwears of the main characters. One of the protagonists Finn who is from the Resistance’s end is who we have chosen for you to help you with your fashion sense. Portrayed by the incredibly talented John Boyega, the character is a powerful one and his Finn Costume is a great hit among his fans. We have made the Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Costume available on our website which you can check out and get for yourself if you are a fan of not only his performance but also his styling. 

Following is the details of his excitingly amazing Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Costume:

Star Wars Finn Vest

This classy vest is manufactured out of real leather fabric and with the viscose lining inside of it; it makes sure that you enjoy the most of comfort. With erect collars and an open style front, this beige color classy sleeveless vest is a really fine Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Costume. 

Star Wars Finn Blue Pants

Finn Blue Pants

This amazing quality pair of pants is neatly made out of pure and smooth cotton fabric and is in a bright blue color that is super attractive. With a zipper flyer and some pockets, these straight pants are finely knitted and are durable enough. 

Star Wars Finn Wig

To get the exact look of Finn, it is important that every feature of his look is rightly copied and that includes the hair as well. This easily fitting and nicely made wig is here to help you in this regard which was put up by Boyega for the character of Finn. 

Star Wars Finn Wig

Stars Wars Finn Glue

To make this wig stay on your head for long and don’t fall off, it’s important that you stick it with something that is reliable and durable and this Star Wars Finn Glue is totally what you are looking for. To place the Star Wars Finn Wig on your head perfectly, you can use this glue and enjoy the Finn Costume look. 

Stars Wars Finn Glue

Star Wars John Boyega Finn Makeup Kit

Star Wars John Boyega Finn Makeup Kit

Another key aspect of a character is his makeup which definitely is what makes him/her different from the rest and help him/her stand out. For his crazy fans, we bring this premium quality and perfectly pigmented Star Wars John Boyega Finn Makeup Kit which is here to help you get the exact look of your favorite character. 

Star Wars 9 Finn Bag


A look in only complete when all the accessories are also there. To complete the look of Finn from Star Wars 9, you must own this Star Wars 9 Finn Bag which is made out of suede leather fabric and is in a very sober brown color. With a flap top closure and a single strap long handle, this bag has a lot of compartments and pockets for you to easily and safely assemble in your stuff. 

Star Wars Episode 9 Finn Leather Belt

To be able to walk with ease with those pants, a belt is necessary and we have arranged the stylish and durable leather Star Wars Episode 9 Finn Leather Belt for the fans that are dying to recreate the exact look of the character. 

Finn Star Wars 9 Brown Gun

The iconic distressed rust gun carried by Finn is also exclusively available on our website. This Finn Star Wars 9 Brown Gun is light weighted and looks exactly like the original one in the movie. 

Star Wars 9 Finn Long Leather Boots

This Star Wars 9 Finn Long Leather Boots are a key and noticeable feature of the entire look of Finn. Brown in color and with a glossy shine, these boots are super easy to wear. 

Finn Star Wars Bullet Bag

This Finn Star Wars Bullet Bag is what Finn carries in the movie to keep his bullets always at his service to help him combat the uncertain circumstances easily. This amazingly arranged bag has numerous pockets and is fawn in color. 

Star Wars 9 Finn Gun Holder

To hold his gun safely and not let it make his movements uncomfortable; Finn always had this gun holder attached to its pants that carried his gun. This Star Wars 9 Finn Gun Holder is made especially for the fans so that they are able to exactly replicate his look and don’t miss out any big or small feature of it. 

All these accessories and outfits are easily available on our website in affordable prices. Manufactured out of 100% original materials, each of the pieces are durable enough and are exactly similar to what Finn has carried in the movie. To make you feel nostalgic and keep you always reminded of Finn and his impactful character we bring this Finn Costume for you to dress up like him and not miss out any detail in recreating his look.

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