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Black Lightning Merch and Jackets

We need a world free of people frowning over other people doing good.  All we need is more people coming together to do good for the world as well as each other.


Comic books and movies always encourage us to be brave and courageous and come out and help people in a time of need. DC comic does not just tells us to be kind but to stop racism too. It has introduced a new superhero with electricity harnessing powers named Black lightening. Cress William is playing the role of Jefferson Pierce better known as Black Lightning. He has been retired but the increasing crime in his neighborhood forced him and his family to come forward and harness their superpowers to help in the time of need.

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Frequently asked questions:

Does Black Lightning have a family?

Yes, he does.

Do you have Black Lightning Jacket?

We have Black Lightning Jacket and other material jackets too.

Who is playing Jefferson in the show?

Cress William is portraying Jefferson Pierce in the show.