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Katy Keene Merch – Jackets, Coats and Vest

Are you tired of Riverdale already? We’ve just got the perfect solution to that, Katy Keene! Katy Keene is an ongoing drama series that portrays the lives of Archie comics characters including, the fashion-legend Katy Keene. Since the series takes place after the events of Riverdale, you can feasibly call it a worth-watching spin-off! 


Now, here can be another thought process of yours that might be centering around why the show is worth watching and better than Riverdale? First off, who wouldn’t want to watch the super-talented Lucy Hale as the leading character Katy Keene? Secondly, as we’re talking about spicing up your closet with the new fashion attires, the series is full of fashion options that you can opt for this season. Plus, if you loved watching the character of Josie from Riverdale, Katy Keene is casting her as the main leading character! 


There are plenty of reasons to stream Katy Keene right away, and before you do that, here’s a fresh take on the best 2 picks from the Katy Keene outfits collection that you should have in your closet this time! 


Say bye to basic vests fashion style & say hello to the new cape design! 


If you’re not a fan of getting vests, we can’t blame you! The same basic style of vests can bore anyone out. But there’s nothing to worry about because Lucy Hale, aka the fashion-legend, Katy Keene, has just dropped a new variation of the vest that would grab your attention instantly. 


The Katy Keene Vest has an authentic wool-blend exterior stitched to perfection with magnificent features, that sleek-cape cut that just looks merely heavenly, and eye-catching red color that never fails to make an impression. 


All you’ve got to do is, purchase it ASAP, style it just the way Lucy did, and own the fashion runway wherever you go! This vest is effortlessly the best fashion option that you can get right away.


 Red fur coats have never seemed this better! 


Everyone believes in the power of a perfectly stitched fur coat that can transition anyone’s regular look into an exciting one within just a few minutes! Thus, getting your hands on the forever fashionable fur coats is what you need to do this season, and if you haven’t noticed yet, Katy Keene Red Fur Coat has taken the lead on the fashion charts instantly. 


With a soft yet skillfully stitched fur exterior, buttoned front closure, and red color, there’s nothing that would come between your happen-to-be fashion moment while wearing this elite apparel.  If we talk about styling it, you can always recreate the sensual magic of Lucy Hale as she paired this coat with a red mini dress, or you can even add casual jeans or tee underneath to rock that street style look. 


Complete your fashion dream by shopping it all on HLJ! 


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