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Trendy Jackets and Suits Collection of Lucifer Shop

Lucifer is not your typical boy meets girl show instead it is based on an ostentatiously beautiful Devil who has arrived in Los Angeles for vacation. He is the fallen angel and king, who rules Hell. In LA he meets the unimaginably intelligent and ambitious Chloe Decker who is a detective, and somehow they end up tangled into a mess in which Lucifer, the devil himself, helps detective Decker solve the case.

He starts to like working with her so much that he words the chief by his devil magic and gets licensed to work with the detective. Alongside, Lucifer a lot of other Celestial like Amendial and Goddess also comes to earth not to forget Mazikeen the demon from hell. All of the celestial and the demon along with detective Chloe, Dan and forensic Girl Ella, wears exceptionally trendy clothes. Lucifer because he is too rich wears perfectly tailored suits, Amended to disguise himself wears a Lucifer Jacket whilst Decker wear classy work clothes.

All of these clothes you can find in this specially designed category for Lucifer’s Fan. We know how die-hard fans like to own a piece of their celebrity crush. So don’t worry we have your back.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer is the king and ruler of Hell. The devil himself or you could say the broken angel.

What does Lucifer wear?

He either wears Silk Robes or perfectly tailored suits, as he is rich and likes to show off.

Who is Dan?

Dan or Detective Daniel is Chloe’s ex-husband.

What does Dan wear?

Dan wears a normal Lucifer Jacket and undershirts mostly Tees.

What does Amenidial wear?

Amenidial is usually clad in his celestial dress but he also wears leather jackets with pants.