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Modern Love Merchandise, Coats Shop and Jackets

What is love?

No one can give a perfectly functional definition. There are different sorts and kinds of love. Today’s love is different than that of yesterday’s and maybe tomorrow’s love will be different too.


Love has categories and the most hated category is self-love. In this article, we are going to talk about Modern Love. Modern Love is a series aired on amazon prime videos. Each episode has a different story.

Modern Love is based on a newspaper column. Each day a love story is published about slow dances and romance, about sweet whispers and dirty looks. All these published columns go-to publication where they recreate the story with real people. Modern love is just one of the platforms. In modern love, they have portrayed not just one but different kinds of love with different stories and different actors and actresses in each episode.


Some are about impossible scenarios we want to believe others are cliches.  Some tell us that love can not necessarily be directed towards lovers but friends, family, and even colleagues while some episodes teach us about self-love. It is a highly recommended show on amazon. In this article, we want, you to grasp the concept of love and friendship. We are promoting the sales of the show by bringing you dresses worn by some of the elite actors and actresses.

For instance, the Lexi coat, which was worn by Anne Hathaway playing the role of Lexi in the show. It is made up of suede leather. The inside of the coat is quilted with shearling. The collar has extremely soft white fur. The fur can be seen at the cuffs of the sleeves as the sleeves are of full length. The front can be closed with big brown buttons. The front has two pockets vertically placed. The jacket is in dark camel brown color. It is beautiful and perfectly stitched. There are other very elegant and beautiful products for both men and women.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Where can I watch Modern Love?

Modern Love is exclusively aired on Amazon prime videos.

Who played Lexi in the show?

In the TV series Modern Love, Lexi was a character played by Anne Hathaway.

Are the dresses original or replica?

The dress is original.

Is the leather sturdy and long-lasting?

We deal in original suede leathers they are sturdy.