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Tiger King Merchandise

Tiger King is a real-life documentary based on the life of a zookeeper exotic joe. It is an American true-crime series released recently on April 12, 2020. It was a massive hit as it received a great response of 34.3 million views in the first 10 days of its release. The show explores the big cat collectors who have set up zoos and sanctuaries of deadly animals mainly focusing on Exotic Joe, an owner of G.W zoo, and his feud with Baskin the CEO of a big cat rescue organisation.


Tiger King Jackets Shop

Joe exotic is a gun-toting polygamist and the charismatic big cat owner was very passionate about operating his zoo. His tremendous and bold dressing style was sought by many of his fans. The Netflix series was a big hit because of his interesting and stranger-than-fiction lifestyle which was ranked as the most successful release to date. The credit goes to him as all the apparel he wore throughout the entire documentary was chose by himself only from different brands and designers. Since the millions of viewers are deeply inspired and in love with his gangster dressing style, we have launched an entire merchandise collection of outfits from the documentary worn by One and only Joe exotic. This Tiger King Merchandise collection includes masterpiece garments such as different coats and jackets of great design and fabrics. 


With long-lasting polish and consisting of dark to creamy colors, we have fabricated these outwears from durable and high-quality materials such as cotton fleece, polyester, etc with fine inner viscose lining to give you an absolute coverage of comfort and warmth. With the signature looks of Tiger King added to it, these apparels have features of stylish collars, eye-catching frontages, and smooth detailing which all together brings out a good-looking product to put on.


FAQs About Tiger King Merch

Is Tiger king a true story? 

Yes, it is a real-life documentary. 


How many episodes of Tiger king are there?

It consists of 7 episodes. 


Are these outwears comfortable?

Yes, they have are lined with soft viscose on the insides to maximize comfort. 


What are the delivery charges?

We offer worldwide free shipping. 


Are they only jackets?

No, it is an entire collection consisting of different outwears including coats as well.


Are these washable?

Don’t wash them in a machine instead you can use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. 


Whose life are these merchandise based on?

These are inspired by the main character Joe exotic from the series Tiger king.