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Resident Evil Merchandise

You Can’t Be A Fan Of The Resident Evil Video-gaming Series Without Knowing These Captivating Facts!


Every passionate video-gamer has grown up playing the legendary Resident Evil series. Being a third-person shooter horror survival Capcom’s project, Resident Evil is easily the most-played and best-selling Japanese gaming franchise to exist till now. If you call yourself this game’s true fan, then were you aware of these exciting facts so far? 


  • The story behind the game’s name ‘Resident Evil.’


If you think that Resident Evil was the game’s original name from the start, then think again! Since the game’s creators are from Japan; hence, the entire marketing strategist conference had to change the original name, Biohazard, to Resident Evil before launching it in the USA as Biohazard was already quite famous in the targeted region. Not only this, but the company also held specific competitions for the western name to come up with something captivating yet reasonable at the same time. Like that, the Resident Evil came up, and everyone selected it instantly as it also refers to how the game was set in mansions. 


  • You can’t make a horror game without mastering the art of building almost real abandoned houses! 


The high-visuals always play an important part in making a video game successful. With that said, the reason why the game’s cinematic scenes are quite horrifying is due to the mansions’ resemblances to such abandoned creepy mansions situated usually across Europe in real. And for the more powerful impact, Capcom also ran a few reaction tests on the game’s team to analyze their horrifying reaction and make changes to make it more horrifying yet compelling. It’s actually pretty cool; if you think about it, no? 


  • Your favorite game could be something else if the creators didn’t take some last-minute decisions! 


If you think that only the game’s name was a last-minute issue that Capcom had to face, let us tell you more about the sudden changes that occurred before publishing. 


At first, the game was decided to be the first-person shooter (FPS), and the third-person shooter (TPS) wasn’t even considered at that time. However, after a short yet brief discussion, the game turned out to be in the third-person model due to some difficulties, and after playing various parts of it, we’re glad for this last-minute plan. 


The second plan that the game’s creators had originally was to make Resident Evil into a two co-operative multiplayer story to make both characters work on infected hordes. Eventually, due to some hardware technicalities, this decision didn’t seem right. If you ask us, this one seems a bit complicated, but we’re happy with what we got!  


Lastly, there was also an idea of adding more characters to the game besides Jill and Chris. However, they didn’t fit quite rightly with the theme. Hence, we got accompanied by Rebecca and Barry instead. 


  • A world record in Guinness’s book, but not for excessive sales! 


Yes, you read that right! Resident Evil is still in the Guinness World Record book for having the worst dialogue compilations, and if you’ve played the game, you would say the same! 


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