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Star Trek Picard Shop, Jackets, Coats and Hoodies

Star Trek Picard is an American science fiction series featuring the character Jean Luc Picard. Star Trek is a media franchise that is entirely based on science fiction and produces different series in this genre. While Star Trek: Picard is the eighth series which was released in 2020. The great drama series got a lot of positive reviews and was ordered for more seasons instantly. The interesting series starts when 14 years later after his retirement from Starfleet, Jean Luc Picard gets to meet a woman who reminds him of his past and feels she Is connected to it. 


The main character of Jean Luc Picard is portrayed by class personality Patrick Stewart who has done justice to the role. He has been spotted wearing splendid and elegant attire throughout the series grasping everyone’s attention. Each and every character had put on some really modern-day and practical apparel. Since the show has a large fan base called ‘Trekkers’ we decided to provide them with these must-have prizes, completely inspired by the apparel of the series. 


The collection comprises sensational jackets, coats, and vests made with high-quality fabrics. From dark to dim elegant colors, we have launched a collection made with high-quality fabrics. The collection consists of fabrics like cotton, leather, wool blend, denim or a blend of two fabrics which provides a vast variety to choose from depending on your choice. Designed with standing collars, cuffs as well as quality front closure these Star Trek Picard Jackets are made super fashionable as well as casual to wear. This collection is just perfect for you if you’re looking for something worth your money.



  • Who is playing the character of Jean Luc Picard?

Patrick Stewart. 

  • What series of star trek has inspired this collection?

      The eighth series Star Trek: Picard. 

  • Are these outwears comfortable enough to put on?

Yes, it is made with inner viscose lining to provide maximum comfort. 

  • What type of outfits does this collection consist of?

  Star Trek Picard Jacket, hoodies, coats, vests, etc. 

  • What are the shipping charges?

We offer worldwide FREE shipping for all our customers. 

  • Is there a return policy if a wrong product is delivered? 

Yes, we offer a convenient return and exchange policy. 

  • Can we wash Star Trek Picard Jacket in the machine?

  No, it can hamper the quality.