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Lily Collins All of the Best Looks From Emily In Paris

Emily Cooper is dropping major fashion bombs in her recently released tv-series, Emily In Paris. Whether it’s a jacket or a coat, Lily Collins is doing it all! Thus, if you are also looking for Emily In Paris Coats & Jackets Collection, then don’t go anywhere, as we’ve gathered the top 5 best Lily Collins looks from Emily In Paris series! 

Groove with the stylish Emily Cooper Emily In Paris color block coat! 

Lily Collins Emily In Paris Colorblock Coat


As soon as the winter season begins, all shopping lovers get out of their homes to get the perfect winter clothes right away. And this year, the shopping lovers’ dreams got crushed multiple times due to the on-going pandemic, but not anymore! Because this time you have to buy this Emily Cooper Emily In Paris Color Block Coat at all costs. 

For years, winter coats have been trending in the smoothest fashion charts with distinct variations. However, people did forget the most exquisite variation, color block coats in between, but thanks to Emily for bringing out the color block fashion once again! 

This Emily inspired color block coat consists of a premium wool exterior and a soft viscose lining interior that can keep your body warm all day long. Then if we talk about the features, it’s a simple one, but the fusion of pink, black, and gray is beyond perfection! And with basic features, you can style it anyway, so that’s a major plus point!

If we talk about styling it, you can easily go for the way Collins styled it in the 1×09 episode; by wearing it simply with light accessories that looked perfect. However, if you want to do it in a more classy way, then pair it with jeans, add more details and rock the look. 

How about going green this time with Emily In Paris Green Coat? 

Lily Collins Green Coat

Who doesn’t love a mid-length coat that is an ideal representation of a balance between keeping things elegant while not going over the board? Luckily, if you do, then this in-demand Emily In Paris Green Coat will do wonders for you. Emily needs to rest down for a while because she has been giving us major fashion moments from the start, and it’s hard to buy each look. But being a girl, it’s hard to stop anywhere as well! Thus, if you’re fantasizing over Emily’s looks for a long time, then it’s time to purchase this relishing coat right away! 

But first, you must look at the features before buying anything! Thus, if we talk about the features, this one has it all that your personality might need right now. With a simple yet alluring front, multi chest pockets, and attractive green color, it’s indeed a flawless fashion statement for formal to casual winter gatherings! 

Now, the third question regarding how to style it is quite easy! You can always go for the original style when Emily pairs it with a contrasting black, white, and green colored apparel underneath, a matching bucket hat, and a neck scarf. But as fashion is all about creating something new, you can change it by giving your style preference to it, anytime. 

Have you ever heard about flower power apparel? 

Lily Collins Floral Puffer Jacket

Next up on our list is none other than the eye-catching Lily Collins Emily In Paris Floral Puffer Jacket. We all are aware of Lily Collins being the complete fashion icon on the show, and almost each of her looks is in heavy demand nowadays.

For years, the puffer jackets have been in the edible fashion trends list of all time, and it’s always guaranteed that if styled right, it can never refrain from making everyone drool over your alluring dressing sense. Lily Collins brought this statement to life by wearing this adorable jacket during episode 10 of season 1. 

With the classy parachute fabric exterior, attractive flower print, black color, and an attached hoodie, how can you sleep on this one even for a minute? You can think about a hundred ways to style this one right away. How about recreating Emily’s look by styling this jacket with a mini floral dress and a pink beret? If not, then you can always get rid of the matching dress or a beret, and wear it with casual sleek jeans, a basic t-shirt, and a different hairstyle instead! This way, you can express your personality through fashion attire. If that sounds promising, then get this floral power jacket, asap! 

Stay cool with Emily In Paris Emily Cooper HBA Jacket! 

Lily Collins HBA Cropped Jacket

Cropped jackets are not going anywhere, especially when they’re inspired by the Emily In Paris Collection! Emily surprised everyone during season 1 by wearing this relishing HBA Jacket in the most casual-stylish way. She pairs it with a colorful wool sweater and an adorable pink cap.

Designed with a premium cotton fabric, minimal features, and an attractive black color, how can you not add this one to your seasonal shopping wish-list? Thus, forget everything else and grab this in-demand HBA jacket before someone else does and style it casually or for you endless street fashion hangouts, it’ll blend perfectly with each attire and that’s a promise! 

Emily In Paris Emily Houndstooth Coat

Emily doesn’t know when to stop making such breath-taking fashion statements, which is why we are saving the best for the last! How many times have you fantasized over apparel that can take you back in time? If multiple times, then this Emily In Paris Emily Houndstooth Coat is exactly what we’re talking about. 

Designed with cotton fabric, appealing features, and a reminiscing red/white geometric print, Emily gave us all the major fashion vibe by wearing this one during the series. Styled with long knee-length boots, contrasting round hat, light pink shirt & skirt underneath and further details, this one needs to be in your top must-have apparel list right away! Thus, without waiting further, get it. 

Liked any of these? Order them right away! 

These were the top 5 looks that we liked from Emily In Paris series, if you did too, then do let us know by placing the orders right away! 

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