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A Rainy Day In New York Might Not Be Everyone’s Favorite, But Its Outfit Collection Is Merely Magical! 


Woody Allen’s recently released A Rainy Day In New York is trying hard to be the critique’s favorite, but it’s just a long way ahead. However, despite facing all the criticism, the movie is being the fashion world’s one of the most edible fashion highlights, and we couldn’t be more surprised! Thus, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t watched the movie yet because we’re about to spill some details about the plot, cast, and sizzling outfit collection of A Rainy Day In New York that you should know! 


Here’s the basic plot of A Rainy Day In New York! 


The movie starts by portraying a young high-school couple, Gatsby and Ashleigh, as passionate lovers, but with different perspectives. Everything seems to be going smoothly; Gatsby makes a plan for him and his girlfriend to spend the weekend together, whereas Ashleigh heads toward taking an interview of a filmmaker Roland Pollard in New York. However, everything goes down the lane when Ashleigh gets involved in the stretched interviews and meets more film stars, leaving Gatsby killing time and meeting his ex-girlfriend’s younger sister. Further, the exceptional cinematographers of the movie make it all rain to show the effects of ruined relationships, and that’s how we get the name of the movie- A Rainy Day in New York! 


The cast is quite exceptional if you ask us! 


A Rainy Day In New York leading cast includes GenZ’s most charming Timothee Chalamet as the leading character Gatsby, Elle Fanning as Ashleigh (Gatsby’s girlfriend), Selena Gomez as Chen (Gatsby’s ex-girlfriend’s younger sister), Liev Schreiber as Roland Pollard, Jude Law, and Diego Luna. 


Ready to find what’s so magical about A Rainy Day In New York outfits collection? 


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