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Doom Patrol Shop, Jackets and Coats Collection

DC comics have always won the hearts of fans with their dark cynical heroes with twisted storylines and thriller plots. Doom patrol is another superhero franchise of DC Comics and original series situated on the comic aired in February 2019. Doom Patrol is a group of super-powered misfits whose “gifts” caused them alienation and trauma. Dubbed the “World’s Strangest Heroes”, the original team included The Chief, Robotman, Elasti-Girl, and Negative Man. This Doom Patrol Jacket comic series is going to be lit. It has the strangest characters and this is going to be the love of life of science fiction fans. If you’re into DC comics and a science fiction fan at the same time. This might be your chance to explore the boundaries of this particular genre.


In this Doom Patrol Jacket, we are offering you clothes worn by each and every significant character of the show. We have different colors and different sizes available for each product. You can surf through and satisfy yourself. All the designs are authentically adapted from the Doom Patrol, none of it is changed in any way. Some of the clothing you find will have logos of the Doom Patrol over it too. Buy yourself some good stuff before the year ends.


FAQ OF Doom Patrol:

Do you have Jackets of every character?

Every character which we deem significant, we have their clothes in our shop.

Is the material original?

All the material used in the making of these clothes is original. If at some point a faux is used, we have mentioned it for convenience.

The material of the Clothing I buy is durable?

Yes it is 100% durable.