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The New Series I Hate Suzie Has Just Dropped, And You Can’t-Miss Its Outfits!

Quarantined life only seemed a bit interesting in the start, and now with everyday lockdown news and going through the increased dangers again, you might want to take a break from the ongoing reality checks. If that’s the case, then we have a perfect series recommendation for you, I Hate Suzie. The series has just been released, and people are already talking about it being a breath of fresh air. Not only this, but the I Hate Suzie Outfits collection is worth-talking about too. So, let’s discuss the reason behind such hype. 

Here’s the basic plot of I Hate Suzie! 

Gone are the days when everyone used to be so obsessed with a rom-com plot. Today, the real streamers are moving away from the romantic genre and looking for something intriguing. I Hate Suzie is precisely what we needed. The series follows a comic-tragic plot of a former child star Suzie Pickles (Billie Piper), who gets famous after appearing in a cult sci-fi series. Her life seems to be going perfect until one day she wakes up to a hacked phone and all her pictures being posted on the web inappropriately. The later story follows and opens more twists & turns as she tries to adjust to her new fame. 

Meet the cast of this series 

Just like the story, the cast is wholesome too. You will find the leading protagonist Billie Piper, and Naomi Jones (Leila Farzad) as her manager/best friend. Suzie’s husband is Cob Betterton (Daniel Ings). Then comes a famous actor in the show, Ben Detriot (Dexter Fletcher), the Comic-Con interviewer Raptor (Luke Franks), and many more. 

Let’s talk about the thrilling outfit collection now! 

We can never leave this hot discussion part of outfits ever. Yes, the series story looks promising and exciting to stream, but that’s not the only reason behind the hype! Lately, all the fashion enthusiasts and stylists are talking about the appealing I Hate Suzie Jackets and Coats collection, which is merely grabbing everyone’s attention each day. Plus, if we talk more briefly, the Billie Piper Jackets and Coats Collection is exactly what’s in super demand nowadays, and we couldn’t agree more! Besides, a chilly winter season is always perfect for getting jackets and coats so, what’s stopping you? 

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