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Jackets and Coats from Locke and Key

Locke and Key is a sci-fi fiction show with a supernatural horror with demons and evil. It got released only a few days back, 7th Feb 2020, and still managed to gather numerous viewers in such a short time.


The story revolves around the Locke Family who moved into their ancestral estate after the horrendous murder. 3 Locke’s kids with their mother moved into Key house where they witnessed a series of strange happenings which includes spirits that are after the keys that the kids would find in that ancient house.


As this show got such fans we would be delighted to provide you with the replicas of every character’s attires. Introducing a whole collection of “Locke and Key Merchandises” Here you’ll find every character’s clothes which include coats, parks, jackets and many more. You name it and it would be here.


Every single Locke & Key Jacket made from high-quality material whether leather, polyester, cotton, every material 100%  authentic. You’ll absolutely love the craft-ship.


All of them sewn with precision and supremacy include the viscose lining, stitching, and fittings. Not a single outfit would make you uneasy to wear or give you dissatisfaction. We assure you, you would be a happy customer.


All the Locke & Key Jacket is different from each other in terms of designs, colors, and style. Each of them varies like lapel collar, faux leather, fur hooded, shimmery coat, and many more. It would be worth spending money on. All these attires would be durable or give you an upgraded or new look into your winter wardrobe or street fashion. Find the attire that suits the best with your personality, tastes and preferences. Check out our collection now.



  1. What is the genre of Locke and Key?

It is a supernatural horror drama.

  1. What are Locke and Key based on?

The Locke’s family moves into Key house and finds keys to mysterious doors and the demons are after those keys as well.

  1. What if the piece is defective?

We assure you that won’t happen unfortunately it does you could complain at our customer service and we’ll be delighted to exchange.

  1. What are the shipping charges?

We ship worldwide free.

  1. Do you only offer Locke and Key-themed merchandise?

No, we have a various collection of other movies and tv series.