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Let’s Talk About The Upcoming Season Three Of Master Of None Airing On Netflix After Four Years!


It’s no surprise that the tensions around the world are just rising and rising; however, amidst these times, it’s essential to keep yourself occupied with something entertaining and engaging. Hence, after recommending endless tv-shows or movies, Hollywood Leather Jackets (HLJ) has returned with another notable recommendation of the season, the Master of None tv-series by Aziz Ansari. To date, the show has released two continuous seasons that you can stream right away on Netflix, and with the news of its third season being on its way, things couldn’t be better than this for the Master of None fans. However, the third season will be different from the previous seasons and has another character as a protagonist instead of Aziz Ansari himself. So, hold tight as we’re about to tell you everything that you’d want to know about Master of None three seasons and why it deserves another chance!


Who’s Aziz Ansari? 


Aziz Ismail Ansari is an American writer, actor, comedian, director, and producer who has gained recognition for his comic stand-ups and releasing comedy specials. 


Ansari released Master of None, a humorous yet meaningful show back in 2015, and acted as the main character Dev Shah himself. After the first season’s release, Ansari was often associated with the character Dev; for instance, the way he acts and thinks; is quite similar to the actor. However, after a hold-up in his life after season two of Master of None, Aziz took some time off and is ready to hit the screen once again with a brand new season. 


Recalling the plot of Master of None Season One; 


The post-modern rom-com, Master of None season one, introduces Aziz Ansari as Dev Shah, an easy-going 30yo actor from New York City. He’s living an interesting yet good life with his three friends Brian (Kevin Yu), Denise (Lena Waithe), Arnold (Eric Wareheim), has a potential love interest, Rachel (Noel Wells), and aims to get ahead in his career. Besides this, what we remember the most about the first season is the exceptional food, music, and exotic outfits. 


The Special Moments About Season Two: 


The second season unfolds further plot and Dev’s life as he decides to return to NYC from Italy and has a job of hosting a cupcake reality show now. It won’t be a surprise if everyone prefers the second season over others; Ansari as Dev makes us realize how complicated the older life can be as it constantly asks for sacrifices. However, continuous dedication never lets anyone lose hope for a better future. Further, Denise comes out in front of her family, a new love interest of Dev is introduced, Francesca (Alessandra Mastronardi), and ends on a reality-check about love & life. 


Master of None: Moments in Love


After four years, Ansari has jumped on the bandwagon of Master of None again and decided to release the much-awaited season three. Co-written with Lena Waithe and directed by himself, Aziz has taken a different road this time by progressing Denise’s story instead of Dev’s. According to Aziz, he considers himself nothing like Dev anymore; hence, the actor has moved on and decided to give another leading character, Denise, a complete yet meaningful closure regarding her love life and ambitions. 


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