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Want To Dive Into A Fairy Tale Once Again? Stream The Once Upon A Time Right Now!


It’s impossible to grow up without watching any fairy tale, especially the Disney ones. From Cinderella’s missing shoe to witnessing Snowwhite eating a poisonous apple only to be kissed by Prince Charming for coming back to life, to learning the misconception of marrying a stranger in Frozen, we all have come a long way. Yet, the magic of fairy tales never ends. Just like that, you wouldn’t want to miss another twisted take on the fairy tale, Once Upon A Time series, but not for only kids this time! Initially introduced in 2011, the series ended in 2018 and has seven wholesome seasons that you can stream instantly at ABC network and other popular online platforms. 


Once Upon A Time features a story of a protagonist named Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison), living peacefully after a traumatizing past. However, on her 28th birthday, her ten-year-old son Henry (Jared Gilmore), whom she gave up for adoption a few years back, reappears in her life. Emma is anything but happy to be reunited with her son until he discloses an appealing fact that his mother might be a long-lost daughter of original Snow White and Prince Charming, and the reason why Emma was away from the kingdom for this long is due to the protection from a curse. Henry further tells Emma that she has to go with him immediately as the entire kingdom is under a spell enchanted by an evil queen, Regina Mills (Lanna Parilla), who is also his stepmother. Although Emma denies believing this, yet everything that her son tells her does end up making sense. Hence, she begins her journey and prepares to have a war fascinated with the time clashes of past, present, and future-This was a basic plot summary of the show’s first-ever season. However, soon after this, the story unfolds; new enemies, cliffhangers, characters, and the old ones transform into unique personalities that make everything quite enjoyable to watch. 


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