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Don’t Forget To Surprise Everyone With Your Dressing Style, Even This Christmas! 

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is; ‘dressing nicely’ is always mandatory for all those who believe in the power of fashion and letting their attire talk for them. Like that, Christmas is just around the corner, and dressing exquisitely shouldn’t be an option, but a permanent choice that you can’t leave behind! So, to make things easier for you and help you to achieve that perfect stylish aura, The Christmas Chronicles Outfits collection has just dropped, and people have already started picking their favorites. 

Get to know the adorable story of The Christmas Chronicles movie series! 

The Christmas Chronicles is simply based on the most enchanting story that you can dream of! It portrays the eagerness of two siblings trying to capture Santa Claus on Christmas Eve; however, Santa spots them and takes them on the memorable adventures journey that any kid would’ve loved. Recently its sequel just got released, and everyone has been talking about the movies ever since. In this one, the kids are now teenagers, and once again, their paths cross with Santa when a troublesome rumor regarding Christmas cancellation circulates the town. 

The cast is as interesting as the plot! 

The main cast of The Christmas Chronicles includes Kurt Russell (Santa Claus), Darby Camp (Kate Pierce), Judah Lewis (Teddy Pierce), Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Claire Pierce), and Goldie Hawn (Mrs. Claus), who made a guest appearance at the end of the first movie. Besides these heartthrobs, the new faces include Julian Dennison (Belsnickel), Tyrese Gibson (Bob), Jahzir Bruno (Jack), and many other famous personalities which you’ll be able to identify the minute you stream both movies. 

Now how about we find your perfect apparel for Xmas? 

The Christmas Chronicles Outfits collection is trending in the charts already, and you don’t want to skip it at all. For now, people are crushing over The Christmas Chronicles Jackets and Coats, and we couldn’t agree more! Wintery Christmas without any jacket or coat is just impossible, and when it’s one of those apparel that can spark your fashionable aura in just one blink, then why not? For years, the elegant trend of coats & jackets has been running smoothly by producing endless variations that you can wear, even without any occasion. So, if you want to surprise everyone with your alluring fashion sense, then this is it! 

Never miss out on any trend when shopping at Hollywood Leather Jackets! 

Hollywood Leather Jackets (HLJ) has been making everyone’s dream of becoming fashionable true for a long time now. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a movie inspired apparel or a series one; HLJ has everything that you need! Now that we’re headed to celebrating Christmas, then don’t forget to make the most of our yearly Christmas Special Sale! Shop and become our reliable customer right away. Happy shopping & Merry Christmas!