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With Another Upcoming Season, Virgin River Is Making Highlights With Its Wardrobe Too!

With winter breezes and year-end weeks on its way, we bet you might be searching for something wholesome to stream before saying a proper goodbye to this year! If yes, then don’t just go anywhere because it’s not only about watching something intriguing but also about filling your wardrobe with the trends that will even work the next year. Now that you’ve heard us, nothing can top these cold December vibes other than the Virgin River. 

Moreover, the audience, including us, just can’t get over the Virgin River Wardrobe either! So, without wasting more time, let’s just get started. 

So, what’s the story of the Virgin River series? 

For now, the series has successfully dropped two seasons that everyone loved binge-watching. The basic plot revolves around the main protagonist, who runs away from her past life to start a new one as a nurse practitioner and midwife in the northern California town of Virgin River. However, things don’t turn up easy for her even after having a fresh start as she later discovers more dark secrets that will thrill her upcoming new life! The second season starts with endless irresistible twists and turns that end up making people crave for more. But that’s also good news as we can hope for another season soon. So, once you start watching it, there’s no end to it! Sounds interesting, right? 

You might even recognize the series’ amazing yet familiar cast! 

The series consists of multiple main characters that have been seen in many popular shows/movies as well. At first, we have Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel Monroe) from TWD/This Is Us and Martin Henderson (Jack Sheridan) from Grey’s Anatomy. Then we’ve got Daniel Gillies (Mark Monroe) from TVD/The Originals, Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine Roberts) from Orphan Black, and Colin Lawrence (John Preacher Middleton) from Riverdale/iZombie. Now last but not least, Jenny Cooper (Joey Barnes) also from Grey’s Anatomy/Scandal and many more other celebrities that you can dream of! 

What’s so enchanting about Virgin River? 

What’s so enchanting about Virgin River is what your mind might be asking right now, and we’re here to answer it, so don’t stress about it. Apart from the grasping plot, people just can’t let the Virgin River Wardrobe fade away from their eyes at all, and we can’t blame them!  Moreover, it’s a call for the new shopping season as well; thus, nothing could top the perfect winter apparel such as jackets. Luckily, if you’re looking for jackets or just a fan of them, you have to take a look at the Virgin River Jackets collection. 

But this doesn’t even end here; analyzing everything from the search histories and increased demand, Melinda Monroe Shearling Jacket is by far one of the best apparel from the entire merchandise. And who doesn’t love the smooth, comfy, and stylish shearling jacket anyway? So, forget all the other trends and go for something classic this year that will never fade away! If this sounds appealing, then hurry up as it may get out of stock soon! 

HLJ, making everything easy for its shopaholics! 

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