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WWE Shop

The largest wrestling promotion company of the world, it holds more than 500 shows a year which feature choreographed matches between some of the big names in wrestling where they are faced with the risks of severe injuries.

World Wrestling Entertainment Jackets and Vests Merch

A huge number of people throughout the world watch these matches like crazies and look up to the strong and powerful wrestlers they get to see showing their skills. These wrestlers are all some of the most inspiring individuals and are also very amazing with their style sense that differs for each of them and is utter brilliance every time. Under this exclusive WWE Shop Collection, we have collected the most defining and refined outfits we usually see our favourite stars in.

The assemble includes WWE Shop, Coats and vest all created wonderfully out of amazing quality fabrics such as cotton, fleece, wool and premium quality leathers. We even have studded jackets which truly have emerged to be the style inspiration for the year with their uniqueness.

These WWE Shop have beautiful features to win you over and we promise you an utterly comfortable and warm experience ensured by the comfy exterior and sleek inner viscose lining which will surely make you feel how your favourite wrestlers feel.

FAQs About WWE Shop

Where are the headquarters?

Stamford, Connecticut. 

When was founded?

The company was founded in 1952. 

Are the WWE contests scripted?

Yes they are choreographed but that does not eliminate the risk of injuries to the wrestlers. 

Do wrestlers rehearse prior their matches?

Yes they can if they have time to. 

Who is the highest paid wrestler?

Brock Lesnar who ears $12 million.