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Descendants Shop For Jackets, T-shirts and Hoodies

After watching tons of movies made on Princesses and prince charming, in 2015 Disney realised that it would be a good idea now that most of the disney watchers tha 90s kids have grown enough to know the concept of right and wrong, they should see something other than disney princesses. This idea threw them to the stage where they could portray the life of the villains and what happens to their family.

Descendants, as the name suggests is one of the disney movie in which they have shown the kids of Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Cruella di vil and Jafar. These kids wants to free their parents from the prison and so they are now on a mission to rob the fairy God mother’s magic wand.

The Descendants Jacket story is epic, the costumes the places the destinations, everything. This Descendants Jacket is the reason we have brought you this category. This idea will help you make your wardrobe colourful, bright and witchy. Are you ready for it?

Ger ready because we are taking you on a ride to explore the coolest Descendants Jacket disney has come up with. We have these in different colours, different villains and kids and the range of sizes will amaze you further. If you want to suggest or give an opinion you’re free to do it.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the descendants about?

The descendant is about the kids of the evil and how they deal with their lives.

What is this category based on?

This Descendants Jacket is based on descendants a disney movie, which has a third part out now.

What do you have in store for me?

Apart from disney princess clothes we have evil kings and queens clothes and their descendants too.

How many colours are available?

There is a wide colour range but we these are adaptations, so we have kept the original colours mostly.