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The Queen’s Gambit Outfits Collection | Shop Jackets, Coats & Sweaters

The recently released The Queen’s Gambit is becoming everyone’s favorite obsession for multiple reasons. From portraying a captivating storyline to casting talented actors, and styling each character with jaw-dropping The Queen’s Gambit Collection, it’s hard not to stream this one nowadays. Not only that but in between classic cinematic shots also add up to the reasons to watch this. 

Get familiar with The Queen’s Gambit plot!

The Queen’s Gambit portrays the story of an orphan Beth Harmon who survives her mother’s suicide attempt accident and takes shelter at the orphanage. Following the plot, she later develops an insatiable desire for winning the chess and starts to explore the feelings after continuous drug usage. As time passes, the creator of the show, Scott Frank also tries to put an idea of how old centuries used to react when a woman gets in the way of their manly society. Apart from that, one of the most-appreciated things on the series is also The Queen’s Gambit Jackets & Coats Collection. Anya Taylor-Joy surprised everyone by nailing her vintage dressing look, and all of the fashion stylists are here for it, including us! 

How can we forget the cast while discussing the series plot? 

If you don’t know the cast, you’ll be witnessing Anya Taylor Joy as the main character Beth Harmon, of course, other than her, if you remember Newt from The Maze Runner movies series, he is playing the character of Benny Watts who likewise Beth, has a strong fashion game. Besides these two you can also spot Harry Melling from The Harry Potter series, and many more familiar faces. One thing that’s common in all characters is their exquisite dressing. From wearing simple formal shirts to extravagant coats, everything is just spot-on! 

Don’t forget to try these in-demand Anya Taylor Joy The Queen’s Gambit Outfits! 

No doubt The Queen’s Gambit series is enriched with appealing outfits; however, you might not want to miss out on the best selling trendy outfits from the series, either! Thus, don’t forget to check the classy vintage Anya Taylor-Joy The Queen’s Gambit Checkered Coat and the relishing Anya Taylor Joy The Queen’s Gambit Coat. Both attires are one of the best from the series so far, and completely fall under our this month’s hottest recommendations! 

How can we be your help here? 

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