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The Undoing series Jackets and Coats Collection has become a new town’s talk nowadays, and we have gathered the top 7 coats that are the main reason behind this gossip! Besides, the winter season is here too, making everything a perfect moment to fill your closet with luxurious coats. So, without wasting further time, let’s go through Every Coat Nicole Kidman’s Wears on The Undoing Series. 

Nothing can beat the panache of a black trench coat


Black trench coats are one of the smoothest fashion apparel that you can grab this season, and when it’s inspired by none other than Nicole Kidman, you know you’re making the right choice. The Undoing Grace Sachs Black Coat stole our hearts multiple times through her alluring dressing styles and the way she wore this coat with a wool sweater, contrasting leather pencil skirt, and knee-length red ankle boots; only Nicole could pull this look off! You can also recreate this look or even go for your own vibe by just ordering the black trench coat now! 

Wrap Cardigans are the New Cool of this Winter Season!


Wrap cardigans always have the tendency to make your dressing style much better within just a couple of minutes, and who wouldn’t want such transitional apparel? So, make sure to add this irresistible The Undoing Grace Fraser Wrap Cardigan to your winter season’s recommendations and see the magic of sophistication and panache striking your dressing style! Nicole Kidman is definitely this season’s fashion goddess, and you can’t miss out even on a simple wrap cardigan that is influenced by her. You can either wear this simply just like she did in the series or even add more stylish clothes underneath to make it appear more appealing! 

Enhance your fashion moments by wearing the Cape Coat this time! 


One of the reasons behind the demand for The Undoing Outfits is this insatiable The Undoing Nicole Kidman Cape Coat. Cape coats are the classiest things you can have in your closet to achieve alluring fashion moments whenever, wherever! Nicole surprised everyone by wearing this gray-colored embroidered cape coat amid her screen time, and we are loving her strong tv-presence ever since! Just imagine not having this one and thinking about making style statements with other boring apparel? Feels strange, right? So, this time add this one to your list and surprise everyone with your divine fashion taste! 

Forget the usual boring coats cause floral ones are here to own the fashion runway! 


How many times in your life have you stumbled upon an attire that can simply make you say WOW? If none, then it’s a perfect moment to do so because this enchanting The Undoing Nicole Kidman Floral Coat can make your eyes pop and jaw drop with its excessive panache! For a long time, people have been buying solid/basic trench coats; however, that kind of simple can bore anyone within no time. So, ladies, it’s a perfect time to let go of their coats and replace them with charming, floral printed coats! 

Red Velvet isn’t just limited to cakes only! 


No matter how many times you talk about making fashion moments in other coats, they can’t match the poise that one red velvet coat possesses, and Nicole just pierced our hearts by rocking her look in this irresistible red velvet coat! So, fashion enthusiasts gather around and make investments in something as remarkable as The Undoing Nicole Kidman Velvet Coat! 

Relive the vintage era with The Undoing Nicole Kidman Checked Coat 


The caption says it all still, we’re going to brief it for you. Checked fashion is one of the most iconic trends to exist, and even today people are flaunting their looks in these coats. Be it, Beth Harmon of The Queen’s Gambit or Grace Fraser of The Undoing, both characters know how to relive the nostalgic fashion trends exquisitely. Thus, don’t forget to add a checked pattern coat to your closet this time. 

Only interested in solid-colored trench coats?  


Just like extravagant or detailed featured coats, solid ones can do the same job for you; transitioning your regular dressing look into an exotic one. Nicole is, for sure, our fashion diva of the season, and she has surprised everyone with her alluring dressing styles in winter coats. That being said, this The Undoing Nicole Kidman Brown Coat is worth the talk, and if you’re not a fan of lavish coat styles, then try opting for this one! 

Color Everything Green! 


If you haven’t noticed it yet, green is the color of this season, and if you want to keep up with the modern-day fashion trends, then how about coloring your wardrobe green? This Nicole Kidman The Undoing Green Coat can do wonders for you. From being in color green, enriched with fascinating details, and excessive flamboyance, this coat represents the sophistication that your personality might be craving right now!

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